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SMS and mobile
Obviously, we're pretty experienced with mobile. It's kind of what we do and it's where we started from. You might think SMS is a bit old fasioned and dying off somewhat. Perhaps it'd be a good place to mention that in the UK, last year, 21 billion text messages were sent.

Mobile is a great way to communicate with your customers. It's direct and friendly - if you handle it correctly. Whether you're interested in SMS advertising campaigns, two-way SMS customer service/dialogue or SMS promotions, we've got the experience.

It doesn't just stop with SMS. We've built a couple of iPhone applications which interface with our SMS service, allowing us to take advantage of online messaging and in-app purchasing. This development has helped us significantly increase the margin on interactions via our app.

Does it sound like there's something we could help you with? Let us know by email: business@quext.co.uk.

General design work
Here at Quext, we love computers. Not just because we use computers to deliver our tasty answers to you, our pals, but because we love building stuff. We built the interface we answer your questions on. We built this website. We built a mobile app for iOS (you should download it). We built a website for a radio station (you can check it out here). We built the radio station a software solution to provide a 'listen again' feature. We are currently building a media playout system, which features the ability to be controlled by multiple terminals and have information panels scattered around venues.

So what can we do for you. Pretty much anything you're after. Our activities stretch from Windows programming to Web Design and Development. We have a number of partners with expertise in other areas such as Social Media and SEO; we can work with these partners to give your project the best chance of success.

If you interested in working with us then drop us a line: business@quext.co.uk.

We're always looking to take on exciting and innovative projects
Quext LLP is Limited Liability Partnership, registered in England and Wales, No. OC350289. Answers from Quext cost a £1, billed by reverse Premium SMS.