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Software we made while we were bored - Premier League results predictor

Posted at 9/12/2014 5:38:39 AM

Here at Quext, we believe very much that software can do anything. Quite literally, anything. So this week, we?ve written an application that will predict the weekend football results. And it?s good. Or, at least we think it is. We won?t be releasing the algorithm because of course that sensitive and secret information, but we will give you the results that the system has churned out for this week. And of course, we?ll be up against our arch-enemy, Lawro. Some of the results are a little bonkers (it seems a little goal happy), but we?ve faith in this little thing.

Predictions for Saturday 13th September:
Arsenal 2 - 0 Man City
Chelsea 1 - 1 Swansea
Crystal Palace 0 - 2 Burnley
Southampton 1 - 1 Newcasle
Stoke 4 - 0 Leicester
Sunderland 3 - 2 Tottenham
West Brom 1 - 2 Everton
Liverpool 2 - 0 Aston Villa
Man Utd 0 - 1 QPR
Hull 2 - 0 West Ham

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